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12kV Vacuum Circuit Breaker Unit V

12kV Vacuum Circuit Breaker Unit V

Product Overview

Permanent magnet vacuum circuit breaker. Compared with electromagnetic and spring operating mechanism, it has better operating performance, and its mechanical life up to 30,000 times (fast, opening time is less than 32ms), can be achieved stage difference coordination.

Three-position load disconnecting switch instead of common one. In order to improve product reliability, it can break the normal load break current under exceptional circumstances.

Vacuum circuit breaker and load break switch are sealed in 3mm stainless steel SF6 gas tank, the entire system with full insulation, sealed and maintenance free.

Standard Configuration

630A busbar

630A circuit breaker module ISM

Controller CM (DC24V operating power)

Three-position load break disconnecting switch

Self-powered relay protector (SEG-WIM1, WIC1)

Protection CT

SF6 barometer

DIN47636 standard bushing

Earth and cable compartment door lock

Vacuum circuit breaker switch position auxiliary contacts: 2NO+2NC

Standard operating power (including PT, power modules, battery)

Optional Configuration

Connection busbar

Current transformer and ammeter (measuring)

Auxiliary contacts:

Load break disconnecting switch position 2NO+2NC

Earthing switch position 2NO+2NC

Technical Data

Technical DataOther Data

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