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36kV Deadbreak Cable Connector Kits

Name: 24kV, 36kV DeadbreakCable Connector Kits Materials: Silicone rubber
Voltage: 12/20(24)kV, 18/30(36)kV
Cable Cross -section: 25~630mm2
Certificate: KEMA
Screened Type: coating, molding/injection

24kV, 36kV DeadbreakCable Connector Kits We can manufacture a wide range of cable connectors from Tee-type, Straight type to Elbow type, up to 18/30(36)kV, and applicable to switchgears up to 30/36kV.


650 Specification


1. Adopt world renowned brand silicone rubber with excellent insulation, heat/cold resistance, ozone resistance, anti-aging, and good dielectric properties, and can be used under various harsh conditions. It is widely used in branch cabinets, RMUs, substations and so on.
2. Each batch of raw material passed the mechanical properties and electrical properties test, which ensures product quality from the source.
3. All finished products 100% pass the factory performance test (power frequency test, partial discharge test).
4. Adopt imported Germany DESMA solid injection production system, combining with dustless and air-conditioned workshop with constant temperature and humidity.
5. The product is designed according to standard EN50180, EN50181 C type bushing. It can meet the performance requirements of standard IEC60502, GB12706.4.

Technical Data

650 Technical Data

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