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Load Break Switch Unit L

Name: 12kV Load Break Switch Unit L

12kV Load Break Switch Unit L

Product Overview

This unit has the type of single unit, single unit double bushings outgoing line, two units, three units, four units, five standard units and incoming line bushing units. SF6 gas tank structure and each unit no need to connect by busbar. Therefore, its with simple structure, easy to install and safe. Each unit has enough space, although it is a integrated structure.

Adopting insulated busbar cabinet combination when more than 6 units, it is the standard top busbar system, can be combined in front & rear or left & right.

Standard Configuration

1. 630A busbar

2. Three-position-switch load break/ earthing switch

3. Spring operating mechanism

4. Load break switch and earthing switch position indication

5. Outgoing line bushing

6. Incoming line/busbar voltage indicator (single unit or busbar extensible type)

7. Outgoing line voltage indicator

8. Padlock

9. Earthing switch and cable door interlock

10. SF6 barometer

11. Earthing copper bar

12. Explosion-proof relief valve

Optional Configuration

1. Short-circuit, earth fault indicator

2. Current transformer and ammeter (measuring)

3. Current transformer (metering)

4. Switch position key lock

5. Motor operating mechanism

6. Busbar extensible

7. External busbar

Technical Data

Technical Data

Other Data

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