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Termination kits

Name: Indoor / Outdoor CableTermination Kits
Materials: Silicone rubber
Voltage: 12/20(24)kV, 18/30(36)kV
Cable Cross -section:25~630mm2
Certificate: :RoHS, ISO

It is applied to XLPE cable of voltage class 12/20(24)kV, 18/30(36)kV with the function of cable insulation recovery, electrical field stress evacuation and waterproof sealing.
Cold-shrink type and Pre-molded type termination for indoor and outdoor connections of polymeric insulated cables up to 36kV.
The installation is without flame, just by pulling the spiral.
Suitable for crimping lugs according to the dimensions indicated in the table.

1. Simple Structure, pre-fabricated, factory tested.
2. Ready to use and easy to install.
3. No cracking during shelf life.
4. Great expansion rate, big and lasting pressing force on mating interface.

Technical Data

Technical Data

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