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Three Phase Meterbox

Name: SMC Meter Box
Material: SMC

Three Phase Meterbox


SMC meter box is an effectively protective solution with high mechanical strength, weather-proof and enhanced anti-tamper properties.

Main Features

1. Installation: wall-mounted, pole-mounted and DIN-rail.

2. Shockproof, dust free and anti-tamper.

3. Protection level: IP33 to IP65.

4. Sight window for consumption reading, separated operation chamber for end user.

5. Built-in lock, free from external mechanical force and atrocious weather.

Product Series

·One Meter Box ·Two Meter Box ·Three Meter Box

·Four Meter Box ·Six Meter Box ·Nine Meter Box

·Circuit Breaker Box ·Customization Available

Technical Data

Technical Data

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