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Established in 1999, Shenzhen Hifuture Information Technology Co., Ltd is committed to professional power distribution grid equipment, new energy, and integrated solutions.

Owning over 131 patents, and known as the earliest manufacturer in China of silicone rubber cable accessories, HiFuture Electric has been an approved supplier to the State Grid and China Southern Power Grid for almost 20 years.

Till today, HiFuture products and solutions have served over 500 cities in China as well as some significant international events, like the Beijing 2008 Olympics, Asian Games, World Expo, etc.

HiFuture Electric comprises of three divisions: Electrical Insulating Material Division, MV & LV Equipment Division and New Energy Division.

The Electrical Insulating Material Division has developed a wide range of Cold Shrink Cable Termination kits, Cable Jointing kits, Separable Connectors, Busbar and Connectors, APG Epoxy Resin Bushing, etc. up to 110kV. HiFuture 24kV Separable Cable Connectors has been certified by KEMA Holland since 2004.

HiFuture SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound) products provide perfect protection and insulation solution to Energy Meter, Switchgear, Ring Main Unit, Compact Substation, Cable Junction Cabinet, etc. Having its own Mould Processing Center, HiFuture Electric is quick in designing and developing new moulds and products tailored to your requirements.

The MV & LV Equipment Division is mainly engaged in power Distribution Grid Equipment, including SF6 Gas-insulated Ring Main Unit, Switchgear, Power Distribution Control Board, etc.

The New Energy Division produces DC and AC Electric Vehicle Charger. With rich experience in Power Distribution Grid Projects, HiFuture Electric provides customers with complete EPC service from MV/LV distribution up to the EV charging station. HiFuture now runs over 50 EV Charging stations with its independent operating platform.

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