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Advertising AC New EV Charger

Name: Advertising AC New Energy EV Charger
Current: AC
Certification: CE, RoHS, ISO
Interface: 2g/3G/4G, Can, Ethernet
Standard: GB/T, Nb/T
Usage: Charging Electric Car
Color: Orange, Black, White, etc
Advertising Screen: 32 inch

Advertising AC New Energy EV Charger


Electric Car Charging specializes in the development of advance electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions. We produce a complete range of electric car charging equipment which enables us to provide our customers with safe, reliable and convenient charging solutions that caters for all of today's electric car charging requirements.


1. Meet the outdoor advertising function;
2. Use the phone to scan for charging;
3. Through Ethernet or GPRS background master station for communication, with real-time information exchange.

Technical Data

Technical Data

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