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Load Break Switch Fuse Combined Unit P

Name: Load Break Switch Fuse Combined Unit P
Voltage : 12kV
Certification: Type test

Load Break Switch Fuse Combined Unit P

Product Overview

This combined unit is used for transformer protection of the capacity below 1250KVA, its with an insulation sleeve. It can be further improved the insulation performance when put the insulation sleeve into the SF6 gas tank. Ensuring the safety of the fuse and power supplies when the earthing switch is closed and fuse is grounded, also ensuring personal security when replacing the fuse.

In order to ensure the equipment no lack of phase operation once the fuse broke down, the unit is equipped with tripping linkage mechanism. It means the fuse is blown and tripped when the tripping inspection window shows red. And the unit can be combined with other units to achieve ring network power supply.

Standard Configuration

630A busbar

Three-position-switch load break/ earthing switch

Spring operating mechanism

Load break switch and earthing switch position indication

Outgoing line bushing

Incoming line/ busbar voltage indicator (single unit or busbar extensible type)

Outgoing line voltage indicator


Earthing switch and cable compartment door interlock

SF6 barometer

Earthing copper bar

Explosion-proof relief valve

Optional Configuration

Short-circuit, earth fault indicator

Current transformer and ammeter (measuring)

Current transformer (metering)

Switch position key lock

Motor operating mechanism

busbar extensible

External busbar

Technical Data

Technical Data

Other Data

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