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Screened Surge Arrester

Name: Surge Arrester
Materials: Silicone rubber
Voltage: 6/10(12)kV, 8.7/15(17.5)kV, 12/20(24)kV
It is applied to 6/10(12)kV, 8.7/15(17.5)kV, 12/20(24)kV switchgears to protect power transmission equipment and components from lightning overvoltage and switching overvoltage.

1. Adopt high-performance zinc oxide resistor core body to assure grid lines operate safely.
2. Integrative injection molding, with excellent waterproof sealing performance.
3. Compact structure, easy installation.
4. Surface with full-screened design, screen resistance less than 5kΩ.

Technical Data

Technical Data

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