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Wall-mounted AC New Energy Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger

Name: Wall-mounted AC New Energy Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger
Max power:7kW, 42kW
Current: AC
Certification: CE, RoHS, ISO
Interface: 2g/3G/4G, CAN, Ethernet
Standard: GB/T, Nb/T
Usage: Charging Electric Car
Color: Orange, Black, White, etc

New Energy Electric Vehicle(EV) Charger


Electric Car Charging specializes in the development of advance electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions. We produce a complete range of electric car charging equipment which enables us to provide our customers with safe, reliable and convenient charging solutions that caters for all of today's electric car charging requirements.

1. Single/three phase charging: the charger can compatible with single phase and three phase charging.
2. Protection: when there is an abnormal connection during charging, the charger can cut off the power automatically, also there is emergency stop bottom for manual emergency operation.
3. Communication: The charger has the function to telecommunicate with the upper superior monitoring and  management system, which support CAN, Ethernet, GPRS etc. various kinds of communication method.
4. Remote Monitoring and Remote upgrade: Through operation management system realize backstage monitor and remote upgrade.
5. Measurement: Meter installed in the charger can measure the power.
6. Credit Card Payment: the charger can read the IC card, realize charging control, measurement and payment.
7. Network Payment: the charger accept the third party payment, mobile payment etc. various kinds of payment method, be convenient to the users.
8. Charging Reservation: according to the reservation information from the superior stage, reserve charging station for user.

Technical Data

Technical Data

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